Thursday, August 16, 2012

Haircuts - check!

Just over a week before school starts and we were able to cross another task off our list - haircuts.  Caleb gets his haircut on a regular basis with Chad at a "boys place where you get neck massages and no girls can go there" according to Caleb.  The girls rarely get haircuts as their hair is not the fastest growing hair... so when they do go, they are excited!

Today, Ella got the ends trimmed to accentuate her curls.  Ella loves ponytails, piggy tails, headbands, bows, you name it.   Long hair is a must for her!

Her hair looks short in this picture, but it is not.  I would show you a picture, but she already has it in a ponytail :)

Olivia is the opposite.  She doesn't want her hair messed with in the morning.  I usually brush it while she eats her breakfast and is distracted.  She will wear a ponytail to gymnastics, but other than that, she does not want to bother with one. 

Today, she wanted to cut her hair short.  She wanted her teacher from last year to see her in a short haircut.  She didn't go too short - long enough to put in a ponytail for gymnastics.  She was so excited and can't wait to show anyone who will look.  I think as her bangs grow out we will cut the back shorter.  We will see...

Olivia before:

Olivia after:

We are headed to Houston tomorrow morning for the weekend as a last hurrah before school starts!

My parents are headed back to Edgerton (and Minnesota) for a sad reason... to say goodbye to Dad's brother, my Uncle David.  If you ever read my blog Dad (which I am sure you do daily), please know that we are thinking about you.

It was one year ago (yesterday) that Mom and Dad signed the papers, packed up their last belongings and headed to their new life and home in Texas!  One year... where did that go?

Drive safe and we will see you when you get back "home".... sorry, Ericka.  Don't be mad at me :)

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