Monday, August 6, 2012

New school shoes - check!

School starts in 3 weeks! 

It is time to start preparing - perhaps my most favorite part :) 

One of the most important new items needed for school - new shoes!  We take the kids to the outlet mall that is nearby and always seem to have good luck.  Today was BOGO 1/2 off!  Caleb actually got two new pair.  The girls were happy because their shoes have clip on animals.  Win, win!

Take a look!

Still to do:
1.  Backpacks and lunchboxes
2.  New clothes (socks and undies)
3.  Haircuts
4.  School supplies (We order these through our school so this was done at the end of last year!)


  1. Brings back memories of shopping with you three kids for school. I always loved doing that. Clothes, shoes, but my favorite--the supplies!!I still love the orderly aisles of paper and folders and binders and #2 pencils and...I am still a school geek I guess. I loved covering my books and keeping my folders neat and clean. Oh, I could go on all day...Darling shoes kids!! I love the little clip ons.....

  2. These shoes are sooooo cute!
    I hated the beginning of the school year, even getting new stuff didn't make it any better. I always has a quesy stomach from it.

    P.S. I got new shoes steel-toed shoes for work. Not fun.


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