Sunday, August 26, 2012

New teachers and classrooms - check!

We met our new teachers and found our new classrooms!  School starts tomorrow.  Wish us luck :)

Ella and Ms. Vernon.  She seems very sweet, a perfect Kindergarten teacher.

Olivia and Ms. Collins.  Caleb had her last year and she is the best!  She has asked me to be the Homeroom Mom for her class this year and I am excited to help plan and organize the class parties and any other projects she needs help with.

Caleb and Ms. Novak.  She is new to the school this year and has 25 years teaching experience.  I think she will be a good match for Caleb.

I am off to bathe the kids, help choose clothes for tomorrow, pack backpacks - and maybe even lunches.

I will let you know how the early morning goes...

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