Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

It has been busy around here.  The new monkey bars are being climbed daily.  Molly has been racing through the evenly raked mulch chasing birds.  Caleb's room is finished.  Olivia's room update is also complete!  We even started Ella's room redo - all because I was shopping for new knobs for Olivia's desk and saw a picture that belonged in Ella's room.  It was on clearance.  I had to get it - and then I hid it in our bonus room so Chad wouldn't yell at me.  And then he found it...

It is also Teacher Appreciation Week at school and out of everything going on, this has thrown me off.  As a homeroom mom I am in charge of decorating our class door.  This door was such a pain.  I stressed and stressed planning this door.  I never want to decorate a door ever again.

In the end, I think it turned out cute and Olivia's class was excited to see their names on the flowers.  The door says - If teachers were flowers, we would "pick" Ms. Collins.  Cute, right?!  Worth getting headaches over?  No.

As the week progresses, students/parents will write notes to Ms. Collins and I will add them to the door.

I also have small little treats for Caleb, Olivia and Ella's teachers for every day this week.

Day 1 - You're SIMPLY the best.

We found small bottles of Simply Raspberry Lemonade at Target for under $2.  I printed a note from this blog on cardstock.  Easy, peasy.

The kids were very excited to carry these juice bottles this morning.  Something as simple as this makes their mornings a little bit more fun!  And hopefully, made their teachers smile too!

While climbing into the car Olivia looked at me and said, "Papa will use this bottle."  I asked her what she meant and reminded her that it was for her teacher and that she needed to hand it to her when she walked into class.  Olivia said, "But Papa will want to put bird seed in it."

A few things have not changed about Papa - even now that he lives in Texas.  He still mows his lawn a lot. And now he helps me mow mine :)  He also stores his bird seed in these Simply bottles.  And Gatorade too. And humming bird food.  You never know if you are about to drink red Gatorade or humming bird food at their house...

Silly Papa.  And Silly Olivia.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2 treats!


  1. Darling idea for teacher gifts--I like that you wrapped in cellophane too--looks very finished! It will be fun to see what the rest of the week's gifts are. And we can't wait to see Olivia and Ella's completed rooms...

  2. You do such cute fun things. I love the door! I can't wait to see what else happens this week. And the kids rooms too!

    P.S. Right away I knew what Olivia was talking about!


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