Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year - and a New House! Part 1

Happy New Year! 

It is official.  Keys are in hand and the house now belongs to Mom and Dad.

Take a look!

Front of house:

Standing at front door.  Large entry/hallway:

First room on right.  Through the double glass doors, this room will be a tv room:

 Looking down hallway at two bedrooms and bathroom:


This will be Dad's office:

This will be the guest room as well as Mom's craft room:

Standing in living room, looking into kitchen nook:

Kitchen nook, looking into kitchen:

Kitchen pictures:

Close up of backsplash:

More kitchen:

Kitchen island:

From kitchen nook, looking into living room:

Close up of stone fireplace:

Living room:

Check back for Part 2 and pictures of Chad's New Year's gift!


  1. I guess it's official now. I hate you!
    Actually, I'm jealous...

  2. Looks good!!!! Look forward to seeing more pics as you transform it and make it your home....


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