Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year - and a New House! Part 2

Here are some pictures of the backyard.  The wood fence will soon be replaced by the city with a stone/stucco fence.  The backyard is very private and has a custom built grill and large covered patio.

I think Jack will be very happy there!

And back inside, the laundry room:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Walk in master closet:


The tile floors will soon be removed and replaced with wood floors.  For now, they sure make dragging the kids around easy!

Look what we found in the linen closet:

And finally, our tour ends with pictures of the front of the house:

And this?  Chad just bought himself a brand new truck!!



  1. Love it, Back yard is perfect. How long befor thebirdfeeders and birdhouses are installed. Jack is going to love her new home. Anxious to see the transformation into "your home."

  2. I bet the first thing Steve does is hang birdfeeders.
    Very nice and I'm very jealous.

  3. Bob just saw the truck Chad. His comment: A Ford- Nice!!!


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