Monday, January 23, 2012

Update - New carpet

The new carpet has been installed.  Here are some pictures of the final rooms before all the furniture is delivered and moved back in. 

Nice clean, empty rooms.  Like a breath of fresh air!

First up, the master bedroom.  Here is a BEFORE:

And the master bedroom AFTER:

Here is the master closet BEFORE:

Here is the master closet AFTER:

Here is the tv room.  The wall color stayed the same.  New carpet was added along with the 5 inch baseboards that were installed throughout the entire house.

Here is Dad's office BEFORE:

And Dad's office AFTER:

Here is the guestroom/craftroom BEFORE:

And the guestroom/craftroom AFTER:

Here is the laundry room BEFORE:

And the laundry room AFTER with a shiny new washer and dryer:

Okay.  You saw the pictures of the clean, crisp and empty rooms at Mom and Dad's new house.  Now let's take a trip back to my house. 

Specifically, the bonus room.  Filled to the brim with Mom and Dad's things.  And many Goodwill "treasures."

To be fair, not everything in there belongs to them. This is where we store extra toys, etc. 
Five or six things are mine:)

Now, all they have to do is figure out where they are going to put all this:)

Stay tuned for pictures of the furnished rooms.  Furniture is being delivered this week.  Internet/phone/cable was installed today!  Mom is a happy girl:)


  1. She better be a happy girl. If not, send her back to Wisconsin!!!!!

  2. I am soooo glad you have ths blog to posted pics with your captions. Love it!!!!!!!


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