Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cabinet - Gone!

Mom has been talking about incorporating open shelving ever since they bought their new house.  After seeing this idea on a blog, she knew she had to do it.  And they had the perfect section of cabinets that could easily be removed and replaced with floating shelves to display her dishes and accessories. 

All we had to do was convince Dad this was a good idea.  Luckily, they had the painters lined up to start so there was little time to talk about it.  Dad was convinced and Chad was on board to take them down!

And here it is! 

The kids kept themselves busy by running crazy through the house.  Look how fast they are - nothing but a blur:)

We did discover that wood floors are even better than tile floors for dragging kids around.

A three man train!

 And now a before:

And after shot:

The walls have since been painted... those pictures are up next.  After moving and circus pictures!


  1. I could use some new cupboards...want to ship those up to me! LOL

    1. I am trying to talk them into giving them to me for my laundry room :)


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