Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uncle Christopher - and his airplane

We had a busy few days this past weekend. Be prepared for many house updates. Christopher drove from Arizona to help move Mom and Dad's stuff out of their storage unit. Before they started to move things, they played with one of Christopher's new toys.

This airplane is ca-ray-zee! The detail is amazing, it looks so real.  It flies so fast and quiet that it is almost scary.  I may have squealed. and almost peed myself... If I was Mom, I would have :)

I was nice enough to crop the sock and sandal combo "someone" was working. You are welcome, Christopher.

While the boys were flying, Olivia was taking a trip around the cul-de-sac.  She had her suitcase packed full of the essentials - stuffed animals and her blankie.

Ella packed her suitcase as well! Do you like her dress? We bought it for her in San Antonio.  She tries to wear it everywhere we go.

What's up?  :)

And finally, Caleb showing how big this airplane is.  Christopher has one that is even bigger than this one.  Maybe he will bring that one next time.


  1. Too much fun is going on ----I'm on my way for an extended visit.

    1. Dad says, "We won't be home:)" Isn't he funny?!

  2. He must have replaced the plane that crashed? It is very cool!!!!! Good pics, too!


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