Monday, January 23, 2012


When Christopher was here, Chad and I managed to sneak the kids away and surprise them with a trip to the circus.  They had no idea we were going.  It just seems to make it more fun if we load them into the car for a surprise. 

Plus, Caleb has hit the age where he doesn't want to go ANYWHERE.  No restaurants.  No Target.  What?  No HEB.  Hobby Lobby?  No way!  He just wants to stay home and play.  Can't really blame him.

So off we went! 

Waiting patiently for the circus to begin.

How you doin?
Or "Awkward" as Olivia would say:)

Their favorite part - cotton candy!

I have learned to keep two things in my purse at all times - wet wipes and scissors.  Three kids and cotton candy, not so pretty.  Thank goodness for wet wipes!

If you look closely, the motorcycle driver is doing a handstand, one girl is in the middle while another girl is twirling at the bottom.

Then they spun around in complete circles.  No thank you.  Let me down now.

Ella's favorite part.  She wants to be that girl :)

This may be the funniest part of the circus.  The elephant behind the clown is a dog dressed up.  The dog follows him around and then falls perfectly to his side as if he is sleeping.  So cute!

 Olivia LOVED the elephant dog :)

 I wish I had an elephant.  And a Robert Pattinson too:) 

More dog tricks...

The most colorful clowns/dancers I have ever seen!


 Caleb "hugging" his sister :)

 Caleb also does not like to get his picture taken.  Never has.  Doesn't stop me!


Yep, that girl is hanging from her hair - twirling, juggling, you name it.

Caleb's favorite part!

Olivia thought it was too loud.

And finally, the show must come to an end.  I believe they said, "May everyday be like the circus!"
Many days do feel like that:)


  1. There is nothing like a circus. So fun to see pictures of the kids.

  2. I don't like circus' because I am sure there is animal cruelty involved. But I will let it slide because I love you all and the kids had so much fun!


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