Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas has come and gone.

One thing has remained...

Christmas jammies!

The kids have been wearing their footed pjs since Christmas Eve!  Seriously, it is December 30th (almost the 31st) and they are still wearing them.  AND, we still have a week left of vacation!  They have taken them off (with a huge fight!) to bathe or run a quick errand, but as soon as we get home they yell "jammies!" and put them on right away.  They have contests who can get them on and zipped the fastest.  I had to wash them while they slept last night.  (My kiddos do not actually sleep in pajamas, they get too hot.)  By far, THE best Christmas purchase!

Here is how the rest of the day went...

I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours!  

And, I hope you are wearing your footed jammies ;-)


  1. Can you believe those Jammies are such a hit! And as hot as Ella always is it's a surprise she wears them so much of the time--well, most of the time--you can see in a pic how hot she gets and there goes the Jammies!! It was a fun Christmas and what a treat that all the kids could be together at Thanksgiving so you and Adrienne got photos together for my yearly calendar--I love looking at our Grandchildren for each month--Thank you for this great gift each year...

  2. Who doesn't want to stay in their jammies all the time....right Gramma? I know I do! Very cute! Looks like you all had a great Christmas!


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