Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just a few

It has been brought to my attention that a few of my seven followers are not very happy with the current state of this blog.  I promised I would start to post more often, so here goes.  

Just a few pictures to hold you over until I figure out how to catch up...

You are welcome!

I promise I will try harder to post more often.  Please forgive me... you know who you are.  Am I still on the top of your favorite list?  :-)


  1. Of course you are still on top of our Favorites List--we all--and there are more then seven--they just aren't authorized followers--just love seeing posts! Of your kids and house and what you are doing and painting and of course Christmas Decorating now! Come take a few picks at our house of Christmas decor and soon making Krum Kakkes and then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then.......

    1. The kids look so cute in their costumes--we sure missed going Trick or Treating with you all. Love your and your brother--and of course Molly girl too.....

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!! Yes you still are at the top! I just love seeing what you all are doing down there in Texas! The kids are adorable and so are you and Christopher!!! Molly too!
    I feel like Elaine with all the exclamation marks!!!!


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