Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas eve tradition

How about a little Christmas Eve cheer?!  On Christmas Eve, we dash through the snow while laughing all the way to Gramma and Papa's house.  Ok, there is no snow and they only live about a mile away...

Anyhoo, each year the kids decorate gingerbread houses/trees/forts and have a blast!  A perfect Christmas Eve tradition.

This year Caleb chose to make his gingerbread village into a fort/destruction base.  We should totally market that next year!

Gramma worked with Olivia, but soon Uncle Christopher stepped in to lend a helping hand.  Watch out, ladies... he is a pro at gingerbread decorating!

Just look at the concentration.

Just look at the drops of snow, delicately cascading off of each and every branch.

Papa jumped in to help Caleb.  There may have been a small explosive added to Caleb's creation.  Or not.

I helped Ella... evidently gingerbread construction is not my forte.  Ella didn't seem to mind that her roof kept falling off.  We will do better next year, Ella.

Here is Caleb's fort/destruction base.

Here is Olivia's tree.

And here is Ella's house.

Pretty impressive!

Up next, Christmas day and the "gift" the kids refuse to part with!


  1. It was really fun making those. Next year we will have to look for different ones. Adrienne and Tommy and Riley made a train this year--so we will have to see what is out there. It is just so nice to have traditions started we can do each year...making our memories of Christmas's.....

  2. This looks like lots of fun. Can you eat the houses when you are finished or do you just pack them away? Christopher looks like he is having lots of fun.


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