Friday, December 20, 2013

Another funny friday

It is Friday!  I do have pictures to share with you about a DIY advent calendar, Christmas decorations and a Santa visit, but those will have to wait because I am on my way up to school to some super fun holiday parties for the kids...

I do have time to share a fun picture.  This time it is a picture of Jordie.  Christopher was in Atlanta visiting Ade, so Jordie was staying with us.

He is such a cute dog.  Take a look!

Christopher was not too happy about the bow, but Jordie didn't seem to mind!


  1. At least the bow is a manly blue!! He is the cutest little thing and he loves to cuddle...

  2. I have to have a Jordie!!!! Do you think he'd get along with Barney and Otis?


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