Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not a good morning

Last Tuesday, while taking the kids to school, some complete idiot pulled out into the street and hit my car.  The other driver had a stop sign.  I did not.  We were on the main road to school, along with all the other cars headed to school.  All I remember is hearing a loud crash, we were spun around and we jumped the curb and hit a light pole.  All side airbags from the front of the car to the back (on both sides) were deployed - which is an awful smell.

The fire deparment, police and ambulance all came and asked us lots of questions and made sure we were all okay.

The driver told the police he did not see my car because of the sun glaring in his eyes.  It was overcast that morning, no sun was shining.  The police officer made note in the police report that there was NO sun that morning.  He then told the police he saw my blinker.  My blinker was never on.  He later told his insurance agent that I was speeding.  Wait?  I thought he didn't see me...  What a complete @#$%&*#!!!!

To make matters worse, this guy did not get a ticket.  The police department only tickets if the driver has no license or insurance.  You speed, you get a ticket.  You hit a car with 3 kids inside, you do not get a ticket.  Makes NO sense to us.  The officer told us not to worry, this man would pay when it came to insurance and covering all repairs, etc. 

Thank goodness the kids were fine.  The girls were scared.  Caleb was so brave!  The car hit where Caleb sits and he was not hurt.  I have tough kids!  I have a burn/scratch on my collar bone from the seatbelt, but not a mark on the kids.

We finally found out that my car will be repaired, not totaled like we thought.  How do you feel safe in that car again?  Wish us luck that it is repaired perfectly!  I know it will never be the same.  That sucks.  This whole crappy accident sucks.  All because of some idiot driver.

Here are some pictures Chad took from his cell phone. 

When Olivia got out of the car, she looked at the bent light pole and said, "that is awesome!"

The idiot's car that hit me.  I don't know how to flip this, so just turn your head to the side :)

See the light pole leaning? 

Let's end on a funny note.

And, in case Donnie ever reads this blog.  It could happen.

The tow truck driver hopped out of my car and thanked me for his trip back to the 80s.  I looked at him confused.  He commented on how the New Kids on the Block were just singing to him:)  He said Joey McIntyre was just singing Please Don't Go Girl to him...  if you saw this guy, you would NEVER believe he knew who the New Kids were - or their names. 


  1. I swear Texas is the craziest state. How can you not get a ticket for hitting someone? For pete's sake what if someone was hurt? I'm so glad you are all okay. The poor kids, how scary for them.

    Did you tell the tow driver you are Donnie's biggest fan?

  2. Hi Ericka! Chad DID tell the tow truck driver he better get that CD out of the car or I would have Donnie kick his a$$!!

    The way I see it is The New Kids were looking out for us that morning. The kids always watch a movie on the short ride to school. That morning, the dvd player was skipping so I turned on the New Kids... Thank you, Donnie!


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