Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter everyone!

Most of the pictures of the kids egg hunting are blurry... they must be really fast!

First to find her Easter basket... hidden in the washing machine.  Silly Easter bunny.

Ella's basket was hidden under the sink in Gramma and Papa's bathroom.  Sneaky!

Caleb's basket was hidden in his closet - which he checked about three times before he found it!  Tricky Easter bunny! 

Caleb colored all his eggs in layers.  Creative!
(His shirt says Mom: Like Dad only smarter....)  Makes me laugh every. time.

Chad is showing Olivia how to peel the egg.  She loves to eat the egg white.  She is the only one who will even try it.  I think she ate 5!  Not in a row.  And took one in her lunch... that one I made into a bunny shape with an egg mold.  I will take pictures next time.

Patiently waiting for the perfect color.

Sup Gramma?  You ready to see this egg?

Showing off her layering skills...

This one says I love Mom.  She may have made one earlier that said I love Dad.  And I may have told her I was going to send her to bed early.  I was kidding.  Kind of.

Someone made one that said Gramma -

and Papa.  Wonder who made that?  That is my pretty thumb.

I made that Easter bunny.  He kind of looks like a cat.  I tried.

Ella loved the decorating most of all.  She was sad when she was done.  This year I bought 6 dozen eggs.  Next year I will buy 9, maybe 10 just in case :)  You forget how fun it is to do!


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I was going to color eggs this year and forgot. I was also going to make the jello jelly beans and forgot until it was too late. Oh well, always next year.
    At least you will have lots of egg salad :)

  2. I am late to comment--but it sure was fun coloring eggs! I haven't done it for years. I'm not that artistic--but I have plans for next year!! Thanks Caleb, Olivia, and Ella for sharing with me...


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