Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday celebration

Time to talk about Olivia's birthday!  Get ready because I have a lot of pictures!
Olivia woke up Saturday morning to find presents wrapped and waiting for her to open.  I also added a Happy Birthday banner and bright, colorful balloons!  She has been asking for the big number balloon since Ella's birthday :)

Papa came over bright and early with donuts for breakfast.  What a yummy surprise!

Before she could open presents, we headed to gymnastics.

Back bending...

Jumping on the trampoline.  Look at those legs!!

Here is she working with Mr. Johnny.  He is really good with the kids.  He makes them work hard and laugh!

Back at home to open presents!  Legos recently came out with a "girl" line of Legos.  This one is called Olivia's house.  I had to get it for her. 

Olivia wants a real dog that she can carry in her purse.  Specifically a chi-wow-wow (also known as a chihuahua).  Since we are not quite ready for a real dog, I am hoping this will do.  And even better yet, it came with TWO dogs which look exactly like Uncle Christopher's dogs.  I will update with a picture as soon as I figure out how to get it from my cell phone to here. 

Grandma Sue sent her a personalized doll.  A mini Olivia!

Olivia has the baby dog (I guess you would call that a puppy) to this dog.  And now, thanks to Gramma and Papa, she has the mother dog!

Grandpa Plem and Great Grandpa Plemon sent her cards with money.  Always a nice surprise!

I made cupcakes for her birthday and topped them with custom cupcake toppers I won from a blog.  What's up now?!  Check out my frosting skills. 

O for Olivia...

Sweet seven...

Make a wish!

Silly Ella!

Papa "helping" Olivia eat her cupcake...

Papa taking care of her new dog.  Olivia getting him back for her bunny ear picture!

Caleb being a good big brother by helping her build her new Lego house.

After presents and cupcakes, we headed to Joe's Crab Shack.  Olivia wanted rice for dinner.  That was her request.  We wanted to take them somewhere fun.  Olivia picked Joe's.  It is the perfect place.  The kids can play, you sit at tables overlooking the playscape and the food is good!

So are the margaritas :)  Cheers to Olivia!

Olivia eating her rice:)

The kids love getting root beer in bottles!

Caleb comes to the table to eat a couple bites and goes right back to the playscape!

Our server had Olivia wear fairy wings and a crown and run around while we sang Happy Birthday.  Olivia was too shy to run around but still looked cute!

Back to playing...

and burying each other's feet!

I think she had a fun day!  On Sunday, we took the kids to see Mirror, Mirror as a last birthday celebration.  Cute movie!!


  1. A weekend of fun for Olivia and all of us!! Lots of presents (always a favorite) cupcakes and good food, fun time playing, a movie for the kids and us! All good!! Glad you had a Happy and Fun Birthday Olivia!

  2. What a fun fun birthday Olivia had! The cupcakes are so cute. I didn't realize she was such a good gymnast! I can't believe she can do a back bend!!!
    I love seeing all these pictures you post. It makes it seem like you aren't so far away...


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