Sunday, April 8, 2012

Block Party

This past Friday, we held our First Annual Block 26 Easter Egg Hunt Party.  Whew!  That is a lot to say.  Maybe next year we should consider a shorter title...

Stocked with 250 Easter eggs, lots of candy and wine, me and a few neighbors stuffed the eggs for the egg hunt.

The neighbors arrived.  TWENTY kids participated!  And six kids were out of town... note to self, need more eggs for next year...

The kids had a blast!  For many of them this was the first time to play together.  They all stayed in our backyard.  And everyone thought our zip line was the bomb-diggity.  Luckily, nobody seemed to notice our brown grass :)  We are working on that.

The kids played, parents visited over food and drinks.

Then they hunted... it was complete madness that lasted only a few minutes!

After the candy was consumed and the sugar comas started to take over their little bodies, we projected HOP onto our garage door.  Another first for the kids and they all sat through the entire movie.  Priceless.

I would have to say that our First Annual Block 26 Easter Egg Hunt Party was a success... and we will look forward to doing it again next year.

Here are some pictures:

Silly neighbor ladies!

Chad hiding the eggs.

Ella and our neighbor Riley.  He is also 5 and will be going to Kindergarten like Ella.  He is a little peanut.  They are best buddies.  We call them Double Trouble:)

Olivia just wanted to know when the hunt was going to start.  I told her to say Cheese! and then I would tell her.  She didn't like my answer. 

Kids lined up ready to hunt!

We let the little ones get a head start.

And the big kids are off!

Caleb found his eggs right away.  No messing around for this kid.

Why can't she just smile for me?

Caleb ran around trying to find eggs for our little neighbors.  He is such a good helper.

Ella still looking for all her eggs.

Counting to see how many she has...

These are the neighbors Caleb was collecting eggs for.  They are so cute!  I just love them.  They ADORE seeing Jack when she is at our house.

My girls and the neighbor girl hammered their candy.  We let them.

I don't have any pictures of the crew watching HOP.  We had all the lights off and the kids were sitting still.  You don't mess with that... like never waking a sleeping baby.

Happy Easter!

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  1. It looks like lots of fun was had by everyone! Yea!


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