Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last week Mom celebrated her 39th birthday... that is what she told our server anyway :)

Mom and I were able to spend the day running fun errands and had lunch at Chili's.  We shared skillet queso and baked potato skins if you were wondering. 

I also attempted my first ice box cake.  Not the easiest cake to make, but I think it turned out ok.  I will have to try it again, now that I know how to make it.

We then went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Mom had her favorite drink, a margarita!  Cheers!

The kids had never been there and were shocked that you could throw peanut shells on the floor.  Here is Ella trying to crack open her peanut...  Note to self, teach kids how to eat peanuts in the shell.

Olivia pretending to be a beaver :)

Caleb kept busy playing games...

and dancing!

Ella was hiding under her dress playing games on my phone.  She is quite normal.

When it was time to sing for Mom's birthday, they brought out a saddle for her to sit on while we shouted Yee-haw!  Mom said no.  The kids hopped right on.

And even though she is going to yell at me for this picture - Mom eventually hopped on too!

And so did Dad!

Happy Birthday Mom!  I hope you had a nice day!!


  1. Yes, I had a wonderful 39th Birthday this year! Aubrey and I ran some errands--code for shopping--had my hair cut--too short and the stylist was REALLY bossy--had lots of calls from Christopher, Adrienne, Riley sang to me on my Vmail--She sang the Look like a Monkey and Smell like one too version--Sooo Cute! Ericka, Biz, Kathy all called me too. Dinner at Texas Road House was great. I will forgive Aubrey SOMEDAY for posting these God Awful pics of me--I really need to start wearing mascara again--Aubrey made me a sign for my craft room--and a few days after I received a "Flying Pig" statue--very cute for the kitchen--from all our Kids and Grandkids. And she made a delicious Ice Box Cake!!! I had a wonderful day thanks to my wonderful family--I love you all so much--and turning 62 I guess wasn't so bad afterall...

  2. Looks like it was a fun day! I wish I could have been there with you. But then there would have been awful pictures of me!!! (they really aren't that bad for no makeup.)

  3. Texas Roadhouse,a ride on the saddle, margaritas and ice box cake and your family. What a nice birthday. The hair cut and no mascara is fine----I thought for a minute it was Tante!!

  4. Great pictures! You all must have had a wonderful time celebrating your mom’s birthday. And your parents seem like very fun and entertaining folks, loved the photo of your dad on the saddle. I’m also organizing a surprise party for my dad on the occasion of his birthday this weekend at one of my favorite venues in Chicago.


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