Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Berry Farms Field Trip

Ella and her preschool class went on a trip to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. We have been there before for their pumpkin festival.  This was the first time for picking yummy strawberries. The kids had a lot of fun and I was glad I was able to go.

Take a look at her day...

Farmer Leroy was our tour guide.  

Farmer Leroy told the kids they would be feeding the goats first.  Ella wasn't too thrilled.

So I did!

She would pet them, just not feed them.

Next up, releasing lady bugs into the strawberry fields.  Farmer Leroy told the kids the lady bugs would eat the nasty aphids that destroy the strawberries.  With their help, he would not have to put harmful pesticides on the strawberries!

Ella wasn't too sure about letting her ladybug go.

So I did!

Can you see Ella's ladybug?

Now it was time to learn about the lifecycle of a pumpkin and the kids were able to plant their very own pumpkin seed.  Farmer Leroy said it takes about 10 months for a pumpkin to grow - IF it has really good soil and sun.  He also said they should have given the kids bean seeds.  I think he was trying to say these seeds would never grow into the pumpkin of our dreams.

Finally, it was time to pick strawberries.  The children were told:  The redder the better, the greener the meaner.  It worked!  The kids were so careful about what strawberry they picked.

Yummy strawberries!

After strawberry picking, it was time to pet the horses.

Lunch time!

The kids also got ice cream and a coloring book from Farmer Leroy.

And the best part of their field trip - bouncy mounds.  Tarps have been buried into the ground.  Air is blown under them and viola - bouncy mounds.  The kids LOVED it!


  1. Looks like a really fun time at the Strawberry Patch! The bouncy mounds are ingenious! The kids are so lucky to get to go on adventures...

  2. What fun! The best for me would have been the goats and horses! They are so cute. And of course the strawberries!

  3. What a fun day and STRAWBERRIES too!!!!


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