Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas at Mom and Dad's - Part 3

Final stop on the Christmas decorations tour!

Mom has a lot of Christmas bins full of decorations.  I won't tell you the exact number, but it is more than 20 and less than 30!  A bit too much?  Perhaps...

Since the kitchen and living room were decorated, Mom decided to move on to a few other rooms. 

Take a look:

She added just a few decorations to their master bedroom.

Mom rescued this Santa from Goodwill. All he needed was something to hold in his hand and he was complete again.

The guest bathroom also received a few decorations.

This Santa may be my favorite.

Mom then headed to her tv room to spread her Christmas cheer.

Not even the outside was safe...


Another wreath made by Mom!  She was on a roll and made 3 or 4 different ones this year.

And, finally, a few pictures at night with the lights on.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour of Mom and Dad's house!

Are you ready for Christmas? 


  1. Again, thank you Aubrey for taking all the pictures and posting them for the family to see. I hope the fam enjoyed seeing our home in all it's Festiveness! And this is the end.....

  2. Thanks Aubrey, and Sandy and Steve. Enjoyed everyone of the pictures and of course got a little teary eyed that we can't be there. I have no idea how you are going to decide to pare down this collection. It all is so beautiful. I think you should get a job decorating store fronts or hire out to do others homes. P.S. Aubs, where are pictures of your house? Thanks again, really enjoyed. Oh and Steve you did a great job with the lights. Bob thinks you need a little snow for them to really shine.

  3. Wow! You really did put a lot of lights outside this year. It is all very beautiful. I agree, I don't know what you can get rid of because it is all so beautiful. Miss you all!


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