Thursday, December 13, 2012

100th Post

100 - say what?!

Yes indeedy, this is my 100th post!  And what better way to celebrate than a visit to see Santa!

After dinner, we headed to the most wonderful place on Earth according my kids.  The mall.  We realized last night that they only visit the mall once a year... so, in their eyes, the mall is pretty cool!  Just the escalators alone could keep them entertained for hours :) 

But, back to the task at hand - visiting Santa and telling him what was on their Christmas lists.

We first mailed our Christmas lists at Macy's.  Just like last year, for every letter you send to Santa, they donate $1 to Make a Wish Foundation.

We had a cold front hit Texas for the past two days.  Temperatures plummeted to painfully cold 50 degrees, even colder when the sun went down.  The kids think this is neat, I dread the cold.  Any chance to wear hats, mittens is a bonus.  They are asking daily when it is going to snow... 


When we got to Santa - there was NO line!  The kids were perfect.  They smiled for their picture and then carefully told Santa their names and what they hoped for this year.  I just love how Santa wears cowboy boots.  He told the kids he wanted chocolate chip cookies this year.  Without hesitation, Caleb told Santa there was a cookie place in the mall that he could just walk to!

The Santa visit went so well, that we decided to walk through the mall.  The kids begged to jump on this trampoline.  Chad said yes...  he is a softy.

Ella has no fear.  She jumped first - and the highest of the three kids!

Caleb was next.  He was not scared either!

Olivia was last to jump and was a bit more reserved.  She jumped with a smile and that was just fine with her.

After jumping, we headed up and down a few more escalators.  The kids insist on riding the escalator just like ELF!

We all enjoyed some pretzels and then bought the kids each a new winter-ish jacket.  A successful Santa visit!

What do you wish for this year?

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  1. Looks like a fun day! I would have loved to see the kids on that trampoline!
    Here's to another 100 posts!


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