Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paging Doctor Ella

Last week, Kindergarten studied community helpers.  To celebrate their long week of research, they dressed up as community helpers and had a parade!  Ella chose to be a veterinarian.  Ella thought this was great as she got to bring a stuffed dog with bandaged leg, a pretend shot to help said dog feel better and a mask to keep away nasty germs.  The kids look so cute as they quickly race down the halls of the school.

I took my camera - only to discover that the memory card was NOT IN THERE!  Crap.   Thank goodness I had my iPhone.  Like I said, the kids walk fast, but I was able to snap a few pics of Ella Bella Baby Boo Boo.  That is what Gramma calls her :)

See... fast!

Here she stopped to ask if I was going to pick her up early... the parade was at 8am...  Nice try, Ella!

Such a fun morning!

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  1. She is soooo adorable! She picked a good career!


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