Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I started this post last night and got too tired.  So, just pretend it is last night :)

Christmas is almost over.  The kids are playing with their new toys, my house is a mess...  just how Christmas day is supposed to be!

Here are some pictures to remember the fun we have had these past few days.  I have more pictures on my phone that I may add.

I helped Mom and Dad make krumkakes one night.  These are also our gifts to our neighbors.  We made 3 triple batches or 36 dozen I believe.  I lost count when my fingertips went numb from the burn of rolling them.

We also made Spritz at our house.  Chad helped and the kids decorated the cookies.

Some kids were very careful with their sprinkles...

Others were more generous :)

The kids also had Christmas Winter parties at school.  Due to recent events, all class parties are now held at the same time and IDs are checked at the door.  Since I am Olivia's homeroom mom, I was not able to attend Caleb or Ella's party:(  Dad helped at Caleb's party and Mom helped at Ella's and was able to snap a couple pictures.  Thanks, Mom!

One night we took a drive through a light display near the Dell Diamond.

We watched as many Christmas movies as we could.  We even made Grinch Punch (lime sherbet with Sprite) while watching Papa's favorite movie!

Christmas Eve, we headed to Gramma and Papa's house.  The kids decorated gingerbread trees, sleighs and gingerbread men. 

Olivia's sleigh.
Caleb's tree.
The kids opened a small gift (Squinkies and coloring books with crayons).

We constantly tracked Santa to see when he would arrive at our house.  The kids were very worried that we would not be home in time to be in bed and sound asleep!  This blurry picture shows Ella's concern.

Molly came with and was a perfect puppy.  Not sure Jack feels the same way... she now has to share the attention.  And treats.

We also watched Arthur Christmas and snacked on bacon wrapped little smokies, cheese and sausage, crackers and veggies.  Then we had Mom's famous beef, cheesy hashbrowns and fruit salad for dinner.  Yummy!!!
Then, it was Christmas morning!
Santa wrapped the presents in 3 different wrapping papers with no gift tags with names.  He then placed a small piece of "their" wrapping paper in their stockings so they knew which gifts were theirs.  Caleb figured out that Santa left them clues in their stockings and they dove under the tree to gather their gifts!

Ella was happy to receive Create-a-Monster Barbies, a bear that you can color on, Just Dance Disney, a bucket full of coloring fun, a Barbie makeup kit, La la Loopsies and more.


Olivia asked Santa for Jabba's Palace Lego set.  She wrote it on her letter, asked him at the mall, prayed about it at bedtime, described it to me during every ride in the car, looked at it in Caleb's Lego book...  We sure are glad Santa brought it and made Olivia one happy little girl!

Olivia also got an Easy Bake Oven, Barbies, a purse, a bucket of markers and coloring books, a watch, and Squinkies.

Santa has been watching Caleb closely and has noticed that his grades are awesome A's!  He sees that Caleb has a good attitude about school and homework and rewarded him with his own tablet.  Now Caleb can read books (hopefully!), play games and learn while having fun.
Caleb also got Star Wars and Halo Legos, Skylanders video game, a watch and a Star Wars origami book.  Remember origami?  The kids in Caleb's class love it!

The girls went to work on making Gramma pretty with Ella's new makeup kit.

Chad made pancakes and, thanks to Pinterest, I created these.

Super cute!  My kids, however, prefer plain pancakes... 

After breakfast, Ella made Papa pretty like a girl.

Then Papa made Ella pretty!

After a day of playing, Olivia made dessert in her Easy Bake Oven.  6 super mini, very delicious red velvet cupcakes.

She ate them all!

Merry Christmas!  I cannot believe it is over.  I hope you had an amazing Christmas as well!


  1. It looks like you had a very fun Christmas and made lots of wonderful memories! I wish I could have seen Gramma and Papa in their makeup and had some fun pancakes!

  2. So much fun!! The kids were sooo excited about watching Santa go 'round the world and keeping on eye on the clock so they would be home in bed on time. Wish that I hadn't missed most of Christmas day with this cold/flu--it knocked me out,still has, but it was a nice Christmas Eve and breakfast for Christmas Day. The pancakes Chad and Aubrey did were so cute and delicious too. And the make-up the girls put on Papa and I looked so lovely--I need to start wearing it again. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!


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