Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dining room - final reveal

The dining room is d-o-n-e.  Dun.  Finished.  Complete.  Ba-bam!

Are you ready to see the most amazing dining room you have ever experienced in your entire existence?  A transformation that is not only jaw dropping, but also life changing? 

A bit too much?

Here is the dining room!  I will come back to post about the different parts of the room (the table and game storage).  But, for now, here she blows!


The chairs we refinished.

I originally made these window treatments for Chad's office.  They look better in here ;)

Our DIY twine wrapped light fixture is still holding up.  In fact, I ran into it the other day while decorating the Christmas tree and just about knocked myself out.  Mod Podge is some serious stuff!

 My teal buffet.  I still love it.  I love the color of the teal against the dark red walls. 

A few close ups of the shelves...

Most of the accessories were ones I already owned.  I did buy a few on clearance at Target and a few treasures are from Goodwill.

These books were purchased at Half Price books.  Other books are from a local flea market and extras that Mom kindly gave me.

I literally stole this vintage fan from Mom and Dad's house when they were visiting Ade :)  I put it up high enough that Mom cannot reach it.  She threatens she is going to take it back, but I think she realizes how perfect it looks here.  And she will leave it.

Right, Mom?

The perfect pairing?  I think so!

Well, what do you think of our new room?   Do you love the bright colors?   Is it too colorful? 
I love it!  And I hope now that this room will actually be used to play games, put together puzzles...  maybe even complete some homework!
I am still trying to find the perfect before picture to show how much this room has really changed.  I will update when I find it!


  1. Looks wonderful--even better in person!! Love the built-ins and the metal chairs!!! It really is such a big difference in the way the dining room looked before. A lot of work and time put into it really paid off. Oh, and I will someday get my fan back!!!

  2. I love it! It is so pretty. You did a really nice job. I want that little bird on the book. And I want that Bee Gee book. And I love Molly. She is sooooooo adorable!


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