Thursday, December 6, 2012

Be thankful banner

I did not put out any fall decorations this year.  It is hard enough to keep the house picked up, laundry caught up (our washer recently stopped working... Chad fixed it, but I am still trying to catch up on the piles that accumulated!), homework completed...

In fact, I am open to suggestions on how to get things done.  I would like my house to stay picked up.  If that happened,  I could complete more projects.  More projects equal more blog posts.  More blog posts equals exposure.  Exposure is a good thing when you have a blog.  I would also like a cleaning lady, but that isn't going to happen...  I know the answer - declutter.  Less truly is more.  But how?  When?  And how do you keep it that way when you have 3 little ones and 1 big one that aren't always the most willing helpers?


Wait.  Where was I going with this?

Fall decorations.  I didn't put any out.  I knew Christmas was right around the corner and that is a big task!  Fall could be forgotten.

I did, however come across this banner and thought it was the perfect answer.  So, I made it.  The night before Thanksgiving.  That's how I roll...

The banner is easy - and cheap.  Like my sister:) 

I am kidding.  I love my sister and miss her!!!

For this banner, you need:
*brown paper lunch bags
*ribbon or twine
*file folder
*hole punch

First, I cut a template from a file folder.  I made it the size of the brown paper lunch bag, with a "V" cut out.  Then, I traced the upside down "V" on the brown paper bag and cut it out.  I used my paper cutter to cut the sides of the brown bag, creating two banner pieces... makes sense?

Then, because I have terrible handwriting, I printed be thankful.  You could use any font you like.  You could also use a fancy Silhouette machine.

Then, I traced each letter with pencil (and hole punched each lettered banner).

Then filled it in with a sharpie. 

I strung twine through each banner piece and hung it on the mantle.  Done!

Not too bad for a last minute, FREE, holiday banner! 



It was the perfect little decoration for Thanksgiving.  It led to a nice discussion with the kids on what being thankful means...

even if they are thankful for Halo 4, Barbies and cookies.  I am working on that.


  1. What a cute idea! You sure find some fun things. It looks so nice and who would think all it is is lunch bags.

  2. Very cute. But not the cheap and easy comment. I might forgive you for that if you make one a banner for me and send it with mom and dad next time.....

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