Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas at Mom and Dad's - Part 2

Next stop on the Christmas decorations tour... the living room.  The room where the tree of all trees resides.  A 9-foot tree to be exact.  There is not one inch of empty space on this tree.  It is full of ornaments!


Mom made the twine wrapped trees.  She added "snow" (glitter) to make them sparkly!


Another table top covered with decorations tastefully decorated!

A pretty pillow...

The mantle...

Jack in her little bed, warming by the fire.


Mom made this wreath too!

The teal buffet is the perfect place to display even more Christmas decorations!

Mom spray painted and distressed these letters to create NOEL.  Someone (Dad) likes to rearrange the letters and see how long it takes Mom to notice LEON, LENO, NELO... 

After I took pictures of the mantle, Mom hung their stockings by the chimney with care in hopes that I would take even more pictures.  So I did!

And finally, I tried to capture how the living room looks when the tree is lit and the room is dark... what is more comforting than that?

Does your tree have this many ornaments? 

Next up - a few more rooms and outside!


  1. You guys all make me sick. My tree is only half decorated and it's the eighteenth of December. I hardly have any decorations out. You could say I am in a funk.

    But I did see a few things I gave you and that makes me happy. And I love seeing my sweet Jackers. Is there another dog cuter and sweeter then her? Where is her stocking by the way?

    Okay, I have to go cry now because I miss everyone.

    1. If you finish your tree that will make you feel so good--a decorated tree with lights off at night is so pretty to look at--that is all you need--and you have such pretty ornaments! Take a picture when your done and email so we can see too!! Jackers is a sweetheart isn't she!! We only put up those stockings 'cuz they were sitting out--they are really old ones and I never have them out--but this year with a mantle I did for a pic. I will get Jack's stocking and get that up too.....

  2. Seriously, your house is beautiful. It could be in a magazine. Now let's see Aubrey's house.

    1. I only put out a FEW things... I lost my energy this year. It is too overwhelming to keep up with the kids, school, the house... and then to make a mess just to decorate! Ahhh! My trees are up and that is enough. Maybe I will post about them. Maybe.

      Miss you Ericka!!!!!


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